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Jill embarked on her extensive and diverse career in 1988 in the United States, joining her family’s esteemed British business, Rigby & Peller. Renowned for crafting luxury lingerie and holding the Royal Warrant to HM the Queen in the United Kingdom,  Rigby & Peller served as the perfect backdrop for Jill’s professional journey.

During her tenure spanning eight years, Jill excelled as the Head of Distribution and Sales, immersing herself in the vibrant atmosphere of New York City, USA.

In 2000, Jill made the pivotal decision to return to the UK, assuming the  roles of Marketing Director and floor manager at the illustrious Knightsbridge Store, nestled alongside Harrods.

It was during this remarkable period that Jill graced the screens of numerous television programs, including Trinny & Suzannah’s ‘What Not to Wear’ on the BBC, along with other esteemed fashion-centric shows. Her expertise in bra and lingerie fittings garnered attention on esteemed platforms like BBC Breakfast and ITV’s This Morning.

Jill’s reputation as a consummate professional extended beyond the realm of television, as she served as the personal lingerie fitter to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, as well as catering to an esteemed clientele featuring internationally renowned names and celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Charlotte Church, and Cherie Blair, wife of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Following the sale of Rigby & Peller, Jill seamlessly transitioned into the international voice-over market, where she has established herself as a respected talent for the past nine years.

Jill’s illustrious career spans across various platforms, showcasing her versatility and captivating presence. For three years, she enthralled audiences as the host of the afternoon show on Time 106.6 FM, broadcasting to listeners in London, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire.

In addition to her radio endeavors, Jill is a familiar voice on Talk Radio Europe, where she delivers engaging speech radio, shares insightful news updates, and hosts intriguing guests, catering to the expatriate community in Spain. Her contributions extend to Talk Radio London and BBC Radio London, where her expertise and charm resonate with audiences.

Operating from her professional home broadcast studio, Jill possesses the agility to deliver top-tier sessions with remarkable speed, often meeting tight client deadlines within hours. Known for her professionalism and collaborative spirit, she is highly regarded within the industry.


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l’s recent projects in voice-over work encompass a diverse range of mediums, including television commercials, radio station imaging and commercials, corporate narrations, and recordings for IVR phone systems. Her portfolio boasts an impressive array of clients, from industry giants to small businesses, showcasing her versatility and widespread appeal.

Today, Jill also graces the screens of QVC as one of their esteemed presenters, offering expert advice on how to achieve the perfect look with shapewear. Her presence on QVC has garnered a significant following, captivating audiences with her knowledge and expertise.

In addition to her broadcasting ventures, Jill co-hosts and co-created “The Road from Carmel” podcast, commemorating 75 years since the founding of Carmel College in 1948. Teaming up with fellow old-Carmeli, Doron Junger (1983-88), Jill shares captivating stories of former students, providing listeners with a nostalgic journey from their school days to the present day.

With over 7000 downloads in 42 countries worldwide in just 4 months, the podcast has struck a chord with audiences, cementing Jill’s place as a captivating storyteller and broadcaster.



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‘’When I’m casting a voice I’m obviously looking for someone who fits the brief, but I’m also after that little something extra. That little something that you can’t quite put into words but you know it when you hear it…a sparkle, a particular intonation, and that’s what Jill brings’’

Rik Scott Creative Ltd

"Fun yet professional with a fabulous voice!"

Claire Rimmer, Space City Productions

‘’Jill was amazing to work with. We had a very specific need and she completed the job perfectly in the first round. High end, hip, and just what we needed just in time!”

Trevor Haugen, Producer,

"Her professional voice is very smooth with the perfect end result. The communication worked seamlessly over the whole production process." Thomas Bitzer-Prill, Dig It Media

Thomas Bitzer-Prill, Dig It Media

‘’Jill has been a pleasure to work with, from the offset she worked hard to make sure we got what we needed and despite a short turnaround Jill provided a voiceover that our client loved!’’

UBF Pictures

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